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Sunday, October 31, 2010

A token of appreciation

Dear all,

after doing much research; i did noticed that there are alot of platform just like The Wearables too and also did realized that many have given up- just like the famous Shopping Gazebo that was loved by everyone. Reasons are many, but the main concern is that the effort and time spent to maintain is tragically tiring.

However, at The Wearables we do not want to give it up this effort especially coming so far into this game of sharing the love for preloved fashion. We would like to request a small fee of RM2 Only for each time you would like to post up your item. This small service charge is to show your small appreciation to us at The Wearables to invest time and effort to update continuously. Please show your support.

*A small fee will follow as of 1st November 2010

Note: To those who have send us your item from early october but have not heard from us nor see your item posted up; please bear with us as we promise we will post it up after all make over has been done in a week's time. thanks for your patience

The changes made to this site is dedicated to The Wearables of 2009 where it all begun. =) thank you once again for the support.

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